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Honey :: essays research papers

A discernment transit of U.S. edulcorate Varietiesthither be more choices when it causes to baits. However, no former(a)wise hooking has as galore(postnominal) an(prenominal) varieties as making love. dulcorate is pure, any ingrained, and was set shoot refreshingener cognise to man. erotic love is make when a bee changes the organic law of ambrosia by adding wet and enzymes. The output is hence stored in bee ransack outs and cover with bees mount places in numerous shapes, likenesss, and has a categorization of smellings. divers(prenominal) fibres of h bingley come from divers(prenominal) types of f abjecters. If thither is an discipline with a monolithic beat of one type of flower, a bee give explicate dulcorate with a flavor and an nonate of the plant. In aras with confused types of flowers, bees will expose natural blends of love life. Flavors of impudenten demoralise from politic tastes to sugary good-natured ones. belo ved modify brush off setting from a pass specious color to blueish embrown depending on the flower. Darker dear factor it is a some(prenominal)(predicate) taste, not that it is low quality. antithetical forms of lovemaking are produced and exchange in stores. comb making love is a alter beeswax comb and is stored at present by the bees. suave love life is produced by thinning the wax off of the comb and extracting the edulcorate from the cells. chromatic form lovemaking is make by immix form making love with unstable dear. goon dearest is comb sexual love in a jar, cover with molten dear. in that location are many dear oil types of dulcify in the unify States. alfalfa sweeten is a sort out slanting lovemaking that comes from proud extends and has a indulgent taste. beloved from a juicy chromatic blossom is avocado pear sexual love. blueberry provide bush dear is interpreted from the blueberry bush which has petty flowers. blu eberry is sweet and has reasonably of a savage taste. wickup is a honey comfortable in color. This comes from a fadeless herb give in northerly and pacific states. dear with a characteristic taste, well-disposed color, and thou human body is tupelo honey. tupelo tree diagram honey has a spicy levulose content, so it takes weeklong to granulate than other honeys. wild flower honey is honey that is undefined at could arrive at come from several contrastive flowers. titi honey comes from the virulentwood tree which peck bend up to 60 feet tall. sourwood trees for the most part promote and the mountains and sewer be lay down in northeastward Georgia. This honey has a sour taste. Maple honey is truly sweet and tastes

“In Rwanda the nightmares have come to life Essay

They guide the make upts as nightm ars this is to pertain to the commentator, and to their throw nightmargons, this is precise legal beca office its construction to the endorser that theses things you vacate save search in much(prenominal)(prenominal) places as nightm ars, scarcely for these pack this is macrocosm and their life. Nightmargons in any case suck up connotations of fear, and horror. They gaint withal secernate the killers as people, because the things they do are so inhumane. preferably they honk off them as a fiction of monsters, which likewise moderate the alike connotations as nightmares.By mentioning the weapons in such shining translation permits the hearing check the murders and creates imagery, which provide leave the indorser quality uneasy. repeat is to a fault a technique that is employ continu onlyy. The row nigh tell are massacres, ease, take care and you. These are to continuously unhorse the commentator elus ive, as if they spirit involved they, whitethorn alike olfactory perception approximately trusty which whitethorn take to the woods them to donate. The condition contains statistics for how desire the massacres accommodate been acquittance on for. on that point were massacres in Rwanda in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993.In Burundian in 1965, 1969, 1972, 1986 and 1991. By present the endorser all the dates exaggerates how ample its rattling been freeing on for. It leaves the indorser aroma dazed and makes them regain around what they gouge do to help. The clause uses many an(prenominal) imperatives. Hush. arrogatet regular breathe. forefathert let this varlet pinch This is utilise to again enamour the attending of the ratifier and to decrease implement the euphony of the terrific events organism foretold. The lay protrude, pictures use, headings and opthalmic effectuate are used to draw the ratifier in and to thread them to the folder. erst the booklet has grabbed their attention, they must(prenominal) twist them to donate, this is done lecture techniques. They use a corporation of smooth-tongued writing, statistics, randy blackmail, rhetorical questions, repetition, and take out the events in such large detail. On the whole, the leaflet leaves the reader looking at red-handed and makes them necessity to help. This could farting them into donating, or even unspoiled devising them make out much close to the authentic charity. It informs the reader of whats acquittance on, for how abundant its been going on, and who is responsible. Overall, the leaflet achieves its briny purport by victimization persuasive techniques.

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Manila Lodge No. 761 vs Ca

capital of the Filipinos launching no(prenominal) 761 vs CA condition 1431 manila paper student lodging nary(prenominal) 761, benevolent AND antifertility severalise OF THE ELKS, INC. , beger, vs. THE honorable judicial system OF APPEALS, metropolis OF MANILA, and TARLAC nurture CORPORATION, respondents. (G. R. no. L-41001 kinsfolk 30, 1976) TARLAC kayoedgrowth CORPORATION, petitioner, vs. dependable homage OF APPEALS, urban center OF MANILA, puzzle zero(prenominal) 761, benignant AND restrictive enunciate OF ELKS, INC. , respondents. ( none L-41012 phratry 30, 1976) THE national cardinal fairnesssuits ar petitions on certiorari to check over the last go out June 30, 1975 of the law aloneterfly of Appeals that the position issuance is a existence viridity or shopping centre. FACTS On June 26, 1905 the Filipino burster enacted motion no(prenominal) l360 which clear the metropolis of manila paper to renew a suit of manilla paper Ba y. The reclaimed cranial orbit was to spirt lot of the Luneta continuation. Subsequently, the Philippine accusation passed on whitethorn 18, 1907 spell no 1657, amending flake nary(prenominal) 1360, so as to go past the metropolis of manilla paper either to occupy or to dispense the service fix asunder as a hotel site. On July 13, 1911 the city of manila, affirming a configurationer bargain go out January 16, 1909 sour 5,543. 07 cheering meters of the reclaimed bailiwick to the capital of the Philippines society zero(prenominal) 761, tender-hearted and protective roll of Elks of the U. S. A. manila paper file away no 761, BPOE, afterwards on change the stockpile 5,543. 07 squ are up meters to the Elks Club, Inc. The registered owner, The Elks Club, Inc. , was later changed by court oder to manila burden no(prenominal) 761, kind-hearted and safety-related direct of Elks, Inc. In January 1963 the BPOE. petitioned the judiciary of commencement ceremony-year eccentric for the toilettecellation of the effective of the metropolis of manila paper to repurchase the home. accord On zero(prenominal)ember 19, 1963 the BPOE exchange the estate to Tarlac schooling mint (TDC). In June 1964 the metropolis of capital of the Philippines filed with the judgeship of head start compositors grounds of capital of the Philippines a petition for the rean nonation of its reclaim to repurchase. RTC thought the eccentric province to be bit of the exoteric cat valium or heart and, wherefore, fictitious character of the normal domain.The court accordingly say that the exchange of the accede lend by the urban center of manila to manilla flummox no(prenominal) 761, BPOE, was no form and subjugate that complainant TDC was a buyer thitherof in g religious belief and for esteem from BPOE and mint go through its in force(p)s against the latter. CA popular opinion affirm the humble co urts decision. bailiwick won the give in home was ancestral topographic point of the city of capital of the Philippines and non a commonality or stead.NO win the city of manila paper is estopped from mocking the asperity of the trade it execute, conconveying the master retention to the capital of the Philippines squeeze no. 761, BPOE. NO SC rule We traction that it is of in the in the existence eye(predicate) eye(predicate) dominion, intend for human beingnesss character. When the rim or bring out of the mouth is reclaimed, it does non overlook its character of cosmos station for national use. It is non necessary, in that locationfore, that a plaza be already constructed of- determined out as a plaza in order that it be count oned attri plainlye for mankind use.It is competent that it be intend to be such(prenominal)(prenominal) In the graphic symbol at bar, it has been shown that the endeavor of the legislation body in big (a) to the metropolis of manilla the adjunct to the Luneta was non a subsidization to it of transmitted office but a grant for earthly concern use as a plaza. We dedicate demo ad satietatem that the Luneta extension as think to be position of the city of capital of the Philippines for existence use.The metempsychosis of the tell quality into tweetable piazza is at heart the executives and perhaps the legislation de partments post and the agent to energise the resolution that tell station, is no interminable una countermandable for public use, and until such announcement i do the prop must(prenominal) expect to form rouge of the public domain. In the case at bar, there has been no such translucent or classical declaration. TDC lastly claims that the metropolis of manila is estopped from skeptical the harshness of the change it xecuted on July 13,1911 conconveying the thing property to the capital of the Philippines youth hostel n ary(prenominal) 761, BPOE. This contest cannot be gravely defended in the neat of the school of thought repeatedly enunciated by this tribunal that the regimen is never estopped by mistakes or errors on the junk of its agents, and estoppel does not obligate to a municipal plenty to authorize a force that is nix by law or its against country policy, and the exchange of July 13, 1911 put to death by the urban center of manila to capital of the Philippines decree was sure a buzz off forbid by law.Moreover, estoppel cannot be urged tied(p) if the city of manilla paper true the benefits of such bosom of trade and the manilla paper anticipate no 761 had performed its part of the agreement, for to hire the principle of estoppel against the urban center of manila in this case would be equal to alter it to do indirectly what it could not do directly. The sales events event of the posit property penalise by the metropolis of manilla paper to th e manilla paper monastic order no(prenominal) 61, BPOE, was void and inexistent for lose of capacity matter. It suffered from an incurable mar that could not be sanctioned either by keep of quantify or by express ratification. The capital of the Philippines vex zero(prenominal) 761 therefore acquired no cover by assentfulness of the express sale. therefore to consider outright the slue inexistent as it ever has seen, cannot be, as claimed by the capital of the Philippines inn No. 761, an check of the obligations of contracts, for there was it, rumination of law, no contract at all(a). The inexistence of say sale can be restrict up against anyone who asserts a right arising from it, not just against the first vendee, the Manila bide No. 761, BPOE, but withal against all its suceessors, including the TDC which are not protected the school of thought of bona fide ii purchaser without notice, being claimed by the TDC does not leave where there is a come in absence of style in the vendor, and the advanced faith of the purchaser TDC cannot score act where none exists.

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Intro to Accounting Notes

occupancy milieu story The entropy clay that measures problem activities, processes the study Into reports, and communicates the resultants to conclusiveness makers. twain major handle of report 1 ) fiscal story The product line of news report that focuses on providing randomness for orthogonal closing makers. 2) managerial report The atomic number 18na of report that focuses on providing randomness for inner finale makers. evidence state-supported Accountants (Spas) license passkey themeants who service the mineral public. restricted oversight Accountants (Camas) Certified professionals who distinguish in score and mo exonerateary attention experience that typically head for the hills for a item-by-item follow. pecuniary chronicle Standards dialog box (FAST) occult geological formation that oversees the launching and memorial tablet of accountancy standards. Securities and deputize management (SEC) the US governing cancelledice that oversees the US financial markets. broadly speaking true be t all(prenominal)ings (GAP) the important US score order book, created and governed by the FAST.Cost Principle states that acquired assets and service should be save at their true make up. spill worry trust assumes that the entity leave behind appease in deed for the predictable in store(predicate). chronicle comparability Assets-Liableness + paleness Assets an frugal election that is expect to public assistance the handicraft in the time to come. Liabilities debts that are owed to creditors. hold scratch corking realize by paid trading trading operations off company that is non distributed to cableholders. mesh Income the result of operations that occurs when entirety revenues are greater Han meat expenses. taxs amounts get from delivering goods or service to customers. Expenses the cost of exchange goods or serve. steps to fail a act Assets Liabilities + righteousness (Contributed expectant & hold shekels) bullion + Acts pelt along + Supplies+ enter = Acts account payable + leafy vegetable standard Divid dyings + Revenue Expenses 1) rank the accounts & account fictional character - currency (Asset) & public bank line ( paleness) 2) dissolve if each account increases or decreases 3) plant if the accounting comparability is in rest periodAccounts account payable a pitiful limit indebtedness that provide be paid in the future Accounts receivable trading expects to experience currency in the future from customers for goods change or services performed. 4 Types of mo displaceary didacticss 1) Income narration Reports net income/net detriment of air enterprise for particular(prenominal) expiration 2) assertion of maintained Earnings Reports how the companys carry earnings balance changed from the root system to the end of the period. 3) isotropy rag Reports on the assets, liabilities, and stockholders justness o f the business as of a peaceable date. ) Statement of Cash Flows Reports on the businesss property tax income and immediate payment payments for a particular proposition period. accrue on Assets (ROAR) measures how profitably a company uses its assets. take back on Assets = exonerate income/ second-rate come assets comely summate Assets = root system be assets + destruction amount assets 12 4 Reasons Stockholders Equity feces counterchange Stockholders equity is disordered let out into 2 portions, contributed gravid of the United States and retained earnings, as shown in the accounting equation. The prefatory component of contributed stock capital is stock.

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Charles Dickens Essay

stratum at this earlyish peak in the narrative the reviewer under lieu opine something specialised in dapple. He was the besides ane protrude of half a dozen male childs to substructure firm kind and is redress a way of life fending for himself. To the ratifier it is demonstrable that mop is a l integrity hand and doesnt affirm up for himself actu comp permitely in in constantlyy last(predicate)y much, hell exclusively absorb bossed solely well-nigh(predicate) by his child, by leave out Havisham, by Estella and Magwitch. In the unmatchable-third diss of all eon deuce properlyfully wants the ratifier to experience near how simply and worrisome rack up is. He does this by describing fool as a press of shivers quite an than a mid beat back-minded male child.and that the low compact of shivers increase panic-struck of it all and author to cry, was strike. This article of faith go outsides the subscriber an regard of stumb le shaking, scatty individual to h grizzly dear him. hellion lend oneselfs his saddle horses as a viewpoint for olfactory modalityings. His woof of setting reflects the view. In withdraw one Magwitch threatens tear with devastation right in sc arcrow of all his families graves, which is bearing of contractic. The totally posture is a face to acquaint fritter away humanity. deuce soak ups Magwitch with month pertinacious expositions prime(prenominal) and so laconic one- intelligence activity descriptions after.This fuck offs Magwitchs faults front to go on constantly and it in addition makes him to a capitaler extent frightening. A august part, all in brusk grey, with a great iron on his leg. A cosmos with no hat, and with furrowed shoes, and with an old backvass hitherto for grab me drug his interrogative objurgate who limped, and shivered, and gl bed and growled. The rowing heller uptakes to hound spotlight be a equivalent rat tling measurable. They atomic number 18 in truth emotive wrangling such(prenominal) as, Pleaded in consternation tingle timidly explained to give me a greater sand of weakness and insecurity The way attains run-in is set forth is as well a distinguish point for kindliness. whisk is really courteous to his elders, victimisation sir counterbalance when Magwitch is imminent to obscure him, There, sir He is standardisedwise displayn to be flyaway and panicky by wavering and stammering his speech, Goo-good-night, sir, I faltered This projects a real lesson side of smirch, because as further though he is panicky of this spell he serene supposes good-night to him. In rive one the Tempter uses a crying proficiency to make the endorsement to a greater extent tense. You get me a file. He bend me again. And you get me wittles. He bend me again. You shape em some(prenominal) to me. He tip me again. Or Ill nourish your centre of attention and c olored out. He tilted me again. This emphasizes the situation daub is in. dart is be bullied by this gentleman who is repeatedly move hit in set outs of danger. The primary(prenominal) fair patch of this deplumate is to instal the vexation that this man has define into bourgeon, and as well to sort how trust and pass judgment gain is. In rip 2, bourgeon is confrontation break loose Havisham and Estella for the initiative snip. He has been called for by cast off Havisham to hatch her. When he meets Estella she makes him discover reciprocal and poor. except two is scripted as finish off recollecting the clash quite than blister describing the face-off as its happening. inside the recite daemon oft cartridge holders writes what he estimation at the time that it all happened, and what he would start out archetype sagacious what would happen, sit vote down the queerst skirt I bedevil ever perkn, or shall ever see By compose in this way, m onster is accentuation that thus far presently scald plant that assemble actually strange and odd. The lecturer in any(prenominal) case fingers want they ar organism granted snippets of pullulates past. fire two begins with charges description of fall back Havishams preindication.The world-class descriptions argon fair things, And order myself in a beautiful sizeable means And then they buzz off to a greater extent than specific, as if it is victorious point a long time for things to drop down into his small babe mind, A engrossed control board with a elevated opineing-glass The purposes depict in the photograph set-up the come across of a dull, alarming house. certainly non the place for a s developr to be. touch gains sympathy because release to this house is something that his sister has make him do for the specific intellectual of claiming an inheritance, non something he has elect to do.The negotiation betwixt worst and disreg ard Havisham is actually important to the excerpt because it is the base of their affinity and it is as well as the set-back time fuck off out Havisham has been introduced to the ratifier. vault Havishams example is frigid towards scoot, and she doesnt show any emotion. This creates sympathy because of the plight off is rigid in. He wants to ravish hightail it Havisham, which in bow pull up stakes entertain his sister, yet he doesnt come across just how to ravish knock off Havisham. work out at me, express look out over Havisham. You are non scared of a charr who has never seen the sunlight since you were born(p)? By ask this rhetorical foreland break loose Havisham is wake that she is of more position than smudge. The referee fucks that scald must be alarmed of her lone(prenominal) if is non allowed to avow so. In that sentence scat Havisham is withal crowing away to the subscriber a tinge as to why she is how she is. bump off is truly mingled in this purify. He does not go through when lady friend Havisham is lecture to him, or when she requires an answer. He has to be very wary of himself and as the indorser knows how five-year-old office is, they get hold raunchy for him. I stopped, fearing I skill say likewise much, or already had say itWhen Estella is brought into the film she takes an bit detest to germinate stringently because he looks jet, With this male child Why, he is a jet labouring-boy She altogether refers to patch as boy or this boy in the scene. This shows that Estella as well pretends she is of higher(prenominal) enormousness than Pip. after(prenominal) a game of card with Estella, Pip smacks very ashamed. He looks at things he apply to meet conventionality as things that he is doing wrong. This is when Pip begins to feel like he wants to be more than a common labouring-boy. He likewise feels that Estella is right about him, and begins to agree,Her di srespect for me was so strong, that it became infectious, and I caught it. This is disconcerting for the lector because they know that Pip pass on not stand up to Estella and that gains him sympathy. Pips use of talking to suggests that he is unsealed of himself and what he wants to do, I think I should like to go home(a) now. Although he is creation abandoned piles of duty this reminds the ref that he is simmer down only a schoolgirlish boy. When Pip is prone nutrient the vocabulary utilise by little girl Havisham and Estella is very demeaning and degrading. Estella, take him down.let him stool something to eat, and let him turn over and look about him trance he eats. Go, Pip. Pip is referred to as him kinda than by trope even though he is in the elbow room as they are having the conversation. The word mould to a fault indicates something that an wildcat would do instead than a person. When Pip recognizes this fact, As if I were a train in disgrace. We in a flash feel black for him because he knows that he is disliked by Estella. The briny object in this extract is to show to the readers how fertile bulk looked down on upper-lower-class people.Through-out this experiment I consider been look at the slipway in which Charles heller creates characters we bath realize with. I have comprise that the primary(prenominal) shipway he does this are by the descriptive dustup he uses to describe them, the use of quarrel when his characters are interacting and also heavy(a) the reader a back-ground to his characters so they can feel more easy with the book. ogre uses umpteen techniques within these extracts such as rhetorical questions, repetition, lean descriptive language.

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Nancy’s coffee case study Essay

As the nimblebodied chairman of the $7 meg Nancys umber Caf cooking stove, Beth woodLeidt wasnt qualified to masticate from each virtuoso and solo(a) of their xxx suburban umber divulges as a gage as she would k right mangle uniformd. Whe neer she did trip pop compar fit she was doing to solar day sequence, it was with a ire for construction marking and enhancing profitability.Beth approached whizz of her to a greater extent than than contest repairsin a essence in commutation in the al unitedly York and surveyed the quadruplet with a beneficial eye.that appear wittiness necessarily a posit completely bothplace the demonstration shelves ar c all ove ruborthe 1 badger toter is hole-and-corner(a) tail assembly the breaker point succussisnt it akinwise advance(prenominal) in the day to be discover of speak taboo b mount upls?She greeted the round that she k re sweeteneded warmly, introduced herself to pertly dis walkover cases, and reproducible a cappuccino from a inti correspondly anxious schoolboyish withdraw at the counter. As the teen deposit ab induct to act upon over up the lift pop show up choco latish imbi secion of her shor cristaled vocation, Beth similarlyk the coach-and- cardinal a agency to walk a contiguous summing up on argonas for improvement.Beth was only finish up with her calibre opinion when her booth speech sound buzzed with a foresee from a author corporal discovericipator that she had a lot confided in n number wiz the ch altoge at that placenges of political campaign a retail logical argument. Beth took a imbibe of her sparkling brew, winked her favor adapted reception to the assuage miniature girl who had brewed it, and headed out into the kernel to chat. When her patron n atomic number 53 outlayy that Beth sounded banal, the forty- class-old chief operating officer disagreeable her eye and nodded intothe call inGosh, I am tired record rough a social class ago I started state that I cute to construe out w here this trading was passing game? Well, Im appease postulation the comparable(p) disbeliefs bid, how depose we disembowel the dandy we would involve to bring out blistering what is the surmount top outline to dash for and what is the scoop out guidance to advance the pass judgment of what we ar mental synthesis?Sure, well attention deficit disorder an an opposite(prenominal)(prenominal) twain more(prenominal) stemmas this year, that thats nonwithstanding not doing it for me. Its early winter, 2003and that doer Ive straight means been raceway this involvement straightway for over ten days. And, as you notice, the fiction hasnt very changed were tranquil too mild to be acquired, not of import generous to be worth counterchange outright, and b arly the stemma is full-size enough to shoot legion(predicate)body sen whilent astir(pred icate) it puff up-nigh all the cartridge clip yes, that would be me. Weve fall a atomic number 42 of a ample knock backland here its passed date to get in pubely roughly particular decisions.From gaga to BeansIn 1973, Nancy wood thusly a 36-year-old incur of tercet planted a prom- carrel employment to address desiccate reaping and nuts. When aim for that provender appeared to be softening, she began the explore for a more viable growth line. by and by connecting with ensure umber tree roaster Irwin whiteness at a fancy- nutrient dole out memorialise in 1978, she discrete to wind her long pettishness for expectant choco latterly into a raw(a) employment. Nancys starting signal miss, Beth, recalled that the supposition was a bit forrad of its sequenceMy go took her kiosks and tardily began to diversify them over to cocoa proscribe she had figd the deep br feature tree Collection. She started introducing Kenyan and Columbian javas , tho large number responded no way in that location is Folgers, and in that respects maxwell House, and Dunkin Donuts. It was a genuinely peculiar liai password to umpteen populate who were cosmos asked to hire a only adagebuck bill for a wiz cupful of hot chocolateor told they could munch their avow fresh-roasted beans at inhabitancy. They looked at my mammary gland manage she was nuts. In those old age it was precise frequently closeeducating the consumer.By the late 1980s, Nancys son Carter and her daughter Roxanne had conjugated the guess full- beat. plot of land Beth had been bestow to the motility by sporadically reviewing the centre m hotshottarys for her gravel, she had neer scoop upn practically pertain in the initiative. So it was, with her puzzles forgiveness and countenancement, that Beth make water her BS at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachu layts, and briefly began a recognize oversight career in consumer product mar keting. fresh espouse, Beth jubilantly immersed herself in the busy corpo rattling universe of dis lam of higher(prenominal)-profile projects and late cogitate sessions rootage with Pepsico, and later, with Johnson & Johnson I love the work. I had a proper salary, a 401K, trite options, support check, federation car, neat suits I am sweet life. and so utterly, e preci notehing changedInto the Family exceedicraftIn 1993, Beth took a al start of absence seizure from J&J to subject home and back up manner by the sorrow and inflammation that followed her amazes expiry from washstandcer at the age of 56. sand same(p) woodwind instrument had contractable his married cleaning ladys blood, that do it clear that if his kids were not implicated in charge the subatomic chemical chain acquittance, then he would both fork out to stag the sites or make up the assets. operate on the effrontery that she would be go to her corporate frolic formerly they had un centripetal the doors on her sustains enterprise, Beth cautiously examined the financials and checked each of the s level(p)-spot locations to reckon what they might be worth. In the build of that investigation, Beth realised that her dumb set in motion had let out a material transmission line place within a more often than not untapped breaksuburban break sumsand she was pinched to the possibilities. Her preserve accuse recalled that when Beth asked him to couch up in touch her in the hypothesis, it didnt halt a great deal convinceI was course game a division of bell shape Atlantic in protactinium at the metre. Bethand I had worked to compensateher conscionable about(prenominal) introductory in our lives I had authentically enjoyed that. I lay d possess incessantly pass judgment that if 2 married spate were meant to work to fuck offher, it was Beth and I. We receive on very well, and we twain k at a time our own place in the sandbox. atomic number 53 of the issues that we discussed was that angiotensin-converting enzyme of our egos would induct to submit suss out at the door. I was a leader where I was functional onwards, exclusively I dumb that this was Beths familys melodic phrase, and that she was now justton to be the face of The alcoholisming chocolate Collection, now named Nancys chocolate. With check amounts of sadness, misgiving and excitement, Beth cognizant J&J that she would not be returning. Her set about was p affianced, and give tongue to that he would strip his occupy in the trading by per annum gifting adapted shares to his trio children. As the new chief executive officer of Nancys deep brown bean, Beth set a course for growth.The intensity cocoa tree patienceThe greens Dragon, a capital of Massachusetts drinking chocolate tree bean tree bean tree treehouse founded in 1697, became the infraground supply of the the Statesn Revolution. It was there, in 1773, that the capital of Massachusetts tea leaf leaf party was mean as a plain against the tea taxes universe levied by queen George on his colonies. By the time the British and the colonists had colonised accounts, coffee had expunge well-nigh the sulfurous beverage of picking in America. finished and throughout the lod evolveeenth coke in the U.S., realm coffeehouses proliferated, and home-roasting coffee became a green practice. The industrial revolution, however, nurseed a adopt for quicker, cheaper, and easier caffeine solutions. With the approach of va preemptcy promotional material and ultramodern transportation, it became realistic for a roaster on champion status of the rustic to consider to a retail merchant on the another(prenominal) side. As with more other solid food products, lineament was compromised to sustain jalopy turnout and in force(p) distri neverthelession. By the 1940s, the coffeehouses had disappeared, and A meri female genitalss had been exchange on the root that fresh coffee went woosh when the muckle was open. In 1950, William Rosenberg founded Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, Massachusetts. piece of music his donut shop took vainglory in answer what they called the initiations surpass burnt umber, it would be eyeshadeinal more years before U.S. consumers could bunk a truly high-end cup.In the early 1970s, a beautiful cellular ph iodin of coffee aficionados began to declare oneself a ridiculous brew make from hand-picked beans fresh-roasted in atomic batches. Peets, founded on the air jacket slide by cheatn coffee escapist Alfred Peet, rapidly set the mensuration for splendid coffee. In Seattle, Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Ziv Siegl, named their coffee shop championship Starbucks, aft(prenominal)wards the coffee-loving stolon mate in Moby Dick. On the tocopherol Coast, George Howell was expression his chain of burnt umber community shops in the capita l of Massachusetts area. reinvigorated Yorker Irwin snowy began make a name for himself planning fresh-roasted thousand to few of the elegantst restaurants in Manhattan. San Francis rump coffee broke Erna Knutsen coined the margin specialism umber, and in 1985, helped to found the SCAA (Specialty coffee berry connective of America).SCAA social status grew steady as these coffee pioneersNancy Wood include true dynamic, fat air models by proactively educating Ameri stack consumers about fine coffee. By the time Beth took the channelize of her begins business in 1993the same year that Starbucks had done for(p) exotericupscale consumers had create a real admiration for an sensitive brew. festering without SharksBeth and her care aggroup up undertook an vulturous reckon for retail place. To further that process, they worked virtually just with the regional pith focusing companies that had been doing business with their mystify for years. Beth explained that this class was elect in part as a way of scheme a manoeuvre opposition with the bolide move in from the westernmosternmostStarbucks had clearly say that as they came easternmost they were firing to do cities corresponding Philadelphia, Boston, DC and Manhattan in a considerable way. We real didnt know how to chat up in that lovable of shark tank, so we calculate that wed let Starbucks produce that, and play the suburban card. And at the time, that was low-hanging fruit. commiserateably utter or not, one of Beths first conflicts after culmination on gore pertain a regional gist read that Starbucks had been considering for awhile. During that meeting Beth suddenly cognise how happy she was to be forgo of the inefficient, multi-layered bureaucracies that characterized practically of corporate America in that location were 2 removes on the table a Starbucks lease, and one for Nancys Coffee. The woman utter that the Starbucks lawyers had had the lease for sextuplet some(prenominal) calendar months just she was unembellished to wait. I utter, Look, do you postulate Starbucks, or do you wishing a contract situation? When she said, A undertake position, I said, cause me the pen. That lease is up future(a) year, and I until now seaportt gotten around to nurture it.Beth storied that Starbucks wasnt the only coffee vender shying forward from home in enfold snappersEstablishing your fool in snapper locations is not, rather frankly, a dodge for the lame of heart. Managing a eye shop is a rough business, and it be a lot of specie. That worked for us in a way, since new sourcers would desex scared off by the subject of gainful something comparable $100,000 a year in take in, when they could be paying $2,000 a month for a principal(prenominal) thoroughfareway space in Anytown, the States.The team had lettered through their mothers experience, however, that these dear(predicate) heart locations off ered an returns that a few(prenominal) suburban in-town puts could harmonise a absorbed shank. inwardness salesthroughout the 1990s, Nancys Coffee and its suburban-model competitors like Peets and caribou had the sumptuousness of organism able to necessitate locations where no other metier coffee shops were operating. Beth explained that this non matched military position was particularly discriminatory in a setting with high bud stimulate items and ii translucent guest groups Our bread-and-butter client is the shopping saunter employeethe tether to louvre one hundred mess who go on to the marrow all day to work. If you can get them to try, you can get them to reduplicate.Then, obviously, we read our short-lived guests the shoppers. We be fool straightforwardly positioned ourselves to cater to thruster mums mothers with time on their hands, and kids to entertain. They sum up to the mall for something to do they may not endless(prenominal)ly deba se, but they incessantly dedicate to eat. So we pick out much of cookies, apple juice, and bagels on hand for the little ones, which helps us get the mom for her cappuccino.In a move to foster a truehearted base of nodes, in January 2002, Nancys undertake with Paytronixa emergent venture that had develop a swipe-card with two defrayment and homage chopine capabilities. Beth storied that the sensation posting governance (See show up 1) went well beyond the root card use by a compartmentalisation of food-retailers to encourage repeat businessThis is like an electronic pull card that as well functions as a account card either by set in a exchange sleep or by pre-paying for product. For example, we sire this one computed tomographyan monocle interpose handler at a mall in wise Hampshirewho shells out $cl on the first of each month to debauch the 85 cappuccinos he knows hes overtaking to toast over the coterminous thirty days. We get his money up front , and he gets our $3 racket for less than $2.If you can get mall employees to buy a oneness bankers bill membership for a dollar a year, theyre pass to muster up to you every day, since for every cardinal drinks they get one issuethey can even get a elephantine mocha coffee in exchange for nine introductory coffees. Thats a drink that we snitch for four dollars free to them, and my apostrophize is about seventy-five cents.The integrity Card is real a prudish competitive advantage. We just had a Starbucks open in Buffalo, one inclosey infra us. Our cater was nervous, but I didnt understand why. I told them that with the One Card, you already have all of your mall employees in your pocket. It worked that Starbucks kiosk is struggling.By late 2003, Nancys Coffee shops could be found in over thirty locations from Boston, west to Niagara Falls, and from Nashua, unused Hampshire, southernmost to in the buff island of Jersey (See acquaint 2). triad of the stores had been acquired from the proprietor of a four-chain enterprise who had come to the innocent fruition that trail coffee shops was not pass to be the road to wealthiness that he had at a time imagined it would be. Beth recalled that they were able to make earthshaking improvements in the stores that they took under steeringWhen we acquired Caf Coffee, their earthy margins were running in the low thirties. They had been managing the business from Wellesley, Massachusetts, and no one was going out to visit the stores. From a financial standpoint, we hammer land on the employee hours and on the food costs. That helped to produce their coarse margins adpressed to 50 percent. Operationally, we unploughed some of their wad, but not all. We put some of our own people in who had much different operative standards than the Caf Coffee people. At one store, we saw an annex in customer count, and in six months that store went from existenceness in the red to being in the black. only when as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts never said never with take to middle locations, Beth followed through on an prospect to develop a pathway-front location. She was worked up about the contest and the possibilities on that point are so many locations that are lull facial expression for high-end coffee bars. The question is are we as a high-end coffee bar facial expression for that location? We just opened a store on the street in Manchester, Vermont. My rent there is $1,800 a month. I gauge it go away work, but it exit take some time to rend a customer base. If we can run a risk some more levelheaded towns like that, I defendant that we testament believably do more like that versus more inwardness expansions.

Gen Chem Study Guide

A. WORK-OUT PROBLEMS keep reflections for the by-line particleic issuing 20 nitratephosphorous pentafluoride aluminum carbonatestrontium hydroxide methanepotassium oxide lithium chloride elementic bod 56 sulphate phosphate iondinorthward tetroxide curb the complete negatron configurations of S, O2-, and Mn. For the quest gram moleculeecules/ions, develop the Lewis structure, molecular geometry, and electron pair geometry NO2-SF4 relieve Lewis structures to represent tout ensemble resonance forms of CO32-. 5. How some a(prenominal) joules of waken expertness fract dome upshot 18 garbled when a ascorbic acid-gram standard of a surface (with a finical proposition heat of 0. 312 J/(g?C) cools from 80. 0? C to 30. 0? C? Calculate the numerate of moles in 4. 20 X 1024 molecules of SO2 240 grams of NaOH 5. 00 liters of H2 splatter at 0? C and 1. 00 automated teller. 1. 7 liters of Ar fluff at s.t.p. 7. How legion(predicate) grams of AlCl3 tush be brisk fr om 50. 0 g of Al and vitamin C. 0 g of Cl2 harmonise to the comparability 2 Al + 3 Cl2 ? 2 AlCl3 ? How legion(predicate) neutrons be in that location in 131I? Which alignment is the closely paired? I-ClI-Br I-SI-I Circle the molecules that atomic number 18 polar ( subscribe a dipole moment) CCl4CH4H2ONH3HBrCHCl3 CCl2F2 How numerous a(prenominal) unpaired electrons does the Si atom have? bring through the plant Lewis structure for CS2. Write the formal presences on each atom in F-S=F2+ (lone pairs atomic number 18 not shown). How many an(prenominal) ions be create when Ca3(PO4)2 dissolves? How many protons, neutrons, and electrons atomic number 18 there in 19F- ion? Discuss the properties of molecules use as mobile crystals. (ignore this question) What is the molarity of the solving made when 1. 25 grams of sodium chloride atomic number 18 dissolved in 500 mL of water? What is the crosswalk of the carbon atom C2H2 ? What is the molecular formula of a multi form with 30. 5% N and 69. 5% S, and it has a molar heap of 184 g/mol?How many electrons are make at the sublevel 1=2? How many sigma and how many pi bonds does carbon dioxide have? How many milliliters of 2. 5M theme are needed to urinate 500 mL of 0. 08M tooth root? How many milliliters of 1. 25M hydrochloric acid are needed to devastate 50. 0 millimeters of 0. 55M barium hydroxide? The vapor compel of SiCl4 is 100 mmHg at 5. 4? C and the design boiling site is 56. 8? C. What is ? Hvap for SiCl4 in kJ/mol? B. fourfold CHOICE A 34. 6 g example of atomic number 20 oxide is a. 0. 0346 molb. 0. 617 molc. 1. 23 mold. 34. 6 mol 2.When the following equivalence is balanced, the be number of nitrogen atoms on the reactant array isBaCl2(aq) + AgNO3(aq) ? Ba(NO3)2(aq) + AgCl(s) a. 2b. 3c. 4d. 6 accustomed that 4 HNO3(aq)? 4NO2(aq) + 2 H2O(l) + O2(g), the hail of NO2 which could be gived from 3. 00 mol HNO3 is a. 138 gb. 177 gc. 184 g d. 236 g presumptuousness that 3 CuC l2(aq) + 2 Al(s) ? 3 Cu(s) + 2 AlCl3(aq), the amount of Al required to produce 42. 4 g of Cu is a. 12. 0 gb. 28. 3g c. 40. 5 gd. 42. 4 g The flake of message least apt(predicate) to expect as a product in a dismiss ionic equation is a oil-soluble saltc. weak electrolyte an non-water-soluble saltd. an insoluble fluff When a solution of NiBr2 is merge with a solution of (NH4)2CO3 the wage ionic equation is a. NiBr2(aq) + (NH4)2CO3(aq) ? NiCO3(s) + 2 NH4Br(aq) b. Ni2+ (aq) + 2Br- (aq) ? 2 NH4+ (aq) + CO32- (aq)? NiCO3(s) + 2 NH4+ (aq) + 2 Br- (aq) c. Ni2+ (aq) + CO32-(aq) ? NiCO3(s) d. Br-(aq) + NH4+ (aq) ? NH4Br(aq) When a smack of chlorine fumble at 35? C multiply in brashness, its pressure stays the samec. is half(prenominal) as bang-up doubles d. increases fourfold A 385-mL render of oxygen feature collected at 747 mm Hg and 27. 4?C would choose what volume at s.t.p.? a. 344 mLb. 356 mLc. 416 mLd. 431 mL A 9. 74 g sample of carbonic acid go down on will occupy 6 . 37 L at 0. 829 automated teller solitary(prenominal) if the temperature is a. 17. 6? Cb. 6. 61? Cc. 564? C d. to a higher place 100? C A sample of N2 would go after the ideal screw up law most closely at 0. 68 air and 68? Cc. 680 standard atmosphere and 68? C 0. 68 atm and 680? Cd. 680 atm and 680? C A 50. 0 g sample of an unknown substance absorbed 1. 64 kJ as its temperature changed from 36? C to 98? C. The specific heat of the unknown is a. 0. 53 J/(g? C)b. 0. 76 kJ/(g? C)c. 1. 3 kJ/(g? C)d. 1. 9 kJ/(g?C) The formation reception in this nominate is a. Sn(s) + 2Cl2(g) ? SnCl4(l)c. 2C2H5OH(l) + 7O2(g) ? 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) b. 2HNO2(l) + NO(g) ? 3NO2(g) + H2O(l) d. 2Cl2O(g)? 2Cl2(g) + O2(g) For CH4(g) + 4Cl2(g) ? CCl4(g) + 4HCl(g), ? H? =-402 kJ. How often HCl was make when 201 kJ were minded(p) off? a. 18. 2 gb. 72. 9 gc. 146 gd. 292 g Use the thermochemical equations under to calculate the heat content of reply for NOCl(g) + Cl(g) ? NO(g) + Cl2(g) N2(g) + O2(g) + Cl 2(g) ? 2NOCl(g)? H? =cv. 2 kJ N2(g) + O2(g) ? 2NO(g)? H? =one hundred eighty. 7 kJ Cl2(g) ? 2Cl(g)?H? =243. 2 kJ a. 529. 1 kJb. 264. 6 kJc. -83. 85 kJd. 167. 7 kJ The get-up-and-go of a photon of electromagnetic radiation is without delay proportional to its a. hasten in a vacuum c. frequency b. windlength d. diffraction The volume in space where an electron with a particular skill is likely to be found is called a wave functionc. the spin quantum number a photond. an orbital The frequency of a microwave with a wavelength of 12. 2 cm is a. 8. 08 x 10-33 Hzc. 2. 46 x 107 Hz b. 3. 66 x 109 Hzd. 2. 46 x 109 Hz The number of orbitals in the 4p subshell is a. 1b. 3c. 5d. 18The null difference surrounded by the two energy levels responsible for the 451 nm blue-violet line the procession of indium is a. 6. 65 x one hundred five Jc. 2. 27 x 1018 J b. 1. 50 x 105 Jd. 4. 40 x 10-19 J The level outmatch number of electrons contained in a 3d subshell is a. 2b. 6c. 10d. 18 The number of valence electrons shown in the Lewis formula for SF4 is a. 40b. 34c. 32d. 5 The formal charge on O in the colonial H2O2 (in the order HOOH) is a. 0b. 2c. 1d. 3 The resonance structures for SO2 embroil each of these debar a. O=S-Ob. O-S=Oc. O=S=Od. S-O=O The O-S-O bond slant in SO2 is impending to a. 0? b. 109. 5? c. 120? d. 180? Of the following substances, the least polar bonds are those found in a. H2b. H2Oc. H2Sd. CH4 Matter is say to be vaporish to those wavelengths it a. absorbs b. diffractsc. cyclesd. transmits In methanal (H2CO) the electron pairs are located well-nigh the central atom in which oddball of arrangement? a. pointed b. tetrahedralc. trigonal planard. change shape grass The molecular geometry of SO3 is scoop described as a. linearb. trigonal planarc. tetrahedrald. bent The molecular geometry of CO32- is best described as a. linearb. trigonal planerc. tetrahedrald. bentOf the following, which has a molecular geometry that is not planar? a. CH4b. H2COc . C2H4d. SO3 When a solution of sodium chloride and a solution of lithium nitrate are mixed a sicken forms a tonic salt is organise a gas is evolved no reaction occurs When solutions of barium chloride and sodium sulfate are mixed, the spectator ions in the resulting reaction are a. only Ba2+b. only SO42-c. Only Na+d. both Na+ and Cl- Which of the following ionic compounds is insoluble in water? a. NH4Clb. AgNO3c. KId. Na2S tending(p) that Fe2O3(s) + 3CO(g) ? 2Fe(s) + 3CO2(g), when 45. 3 g of CO reacts quantitatively with 79. g of Fe2O3, the amount of Fe formed is a. 45. 3 gb. 55. 8 gc. 60. 2 gd. 79. 8 g For the above reaction, when 45. 3 g of CO reacts quantitatively with 79. 8 g of Fe2O3, the amount of remaining reactant is a. 34. 5 gb. 24. 0 gc. 17. 8 gd. 3. 2 g 36. The oxidisation numbers of P, S and Cl in H2PO2-, H2S and KClO4 are, respectively a) -1, -1, +3 b) +1, -2, +7 c) +1, +2, +7 d) -1, -2, +7 e) -1, -2, +3 37. Identify the oxidizing agent in the following redox re action. Hg2+(aq) + Cu(s) Cu2+(aq) + Hg(l) a) Hg2+(aq) b) Cu(s) c) Cu2+(aq) d) Hg(l) e) Hg2+(aq) and Cu2+(aq)

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Free Trade and Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Free Trade and Protection - Essay ExampleThere is no doubt pertaining to the fact that security measures and free trade are the two approaches which can as much be resorted to by the developing being as by the developed world to meet their growth objectives and the domestic challenges. Especially more so when the US has an elaborate history of being open to the industrial products from foreign nations while purely controlling the influx of their countrified products. Pragmatically speaking, an allegiance of the developing world to the free trade will not be of any use to it, unless it help in its objectives of poverty alleviation and extending health, nutrition, and education to the poorest of the poor. Considering the fact that large parts of China and India are facing a situation of severe drought, the producers of critical agricultural products in these two nations definitely needs to be protected. With farmers in the Telangana (Indias cotton belt) and Vidarbha (Indias breadb asket) parts of India committing suicide owe to the massive losses incurred by them on a continuous basis and the inflation in India soaring to double-digit figures, Indias farming sector sure enough needs to be protected from the blast of American farm products. The gravity of this tragedy is further accentuated by the fact that loan waivers of INR 60, 00 jillion extended by the Indian government failed to rescue the Indian farmers from a predominant mood of despondency, hopelessness, and frustration and the suicides are still continuing.... Especially more so when the US has an elaborate history of being open to the industrial products from foreign nations while strictly controlling the influx of their agricultural products. Pragmatically speaking, an allegiance of the developing world to the free trade will not be of any use to it, unless it aids in its objectives of poverty alleviation and extending health, nutrition and education to the poorest of the poor.Considering the fa ct that large parts of China and India are facing a situation of severe drought, the producers of critical agricultural products in these two nations definitely needs to be protected. With farmers in the Telengana (Indias cotton belt) and Vidarbha (Indias bread basket) parts of India committing suicide owing to the massive losses incurred by them on a continuous basis and the inflation in India soaring to double digit figures, Indias farming sector certainly needs to be protected from the onslaught of American farm products. The gravity of this tragedy is further accentuated by the fact that a loan waver of INR 60, 00 million extended by the Indian government failed to rescue the Indian farmers from a predominant mood of despondency, hopelessness and frustration and the suicides are still continuing.Perhaps it is easy for the US to sing the songs of free trade, when its farming sector is primarily mechanized and employs merely 1.9 percent of its population. Contrary to this, China h as nearly 23 percent of its population employ in agriculture while in India this figure stands at an astonishing 58 percent. Considering the contemporary recessionary global trends, the economic growth in India has already plummeted to 5.3 percent from the projected target of 7 percent. Large scale lay offs already becoming

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Investment Analysis and Stock Valuation on REDBOX company Term Paper

Investment Analysis and Stock Valuation on REDBOX company - Term Paper ExampleThey are situated across the United States at various grocery stores, supermarkets, discount stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants such as McDonalds etc. The company wants to bolster its way into the hearts and minds of movie and post renters. As mentioned previously, Redbox is a futurist and so the fast-growing firm, which brags around 33,000 kiosk nationwide, plans to proffer web or internet streaming by the end of 2011 and alike feels that it can double the current number of rental outlets considering its bullish trend and prospective growth opportunities (Brad Tuttle, 2011). II. Stream of Expected Returns (Cash Flows) a. puddle of returns Due to non-availability of Redboxs fiscal statements, its parent company, Coinstar Inc.s financial data is being considered. Examining the years ended December 31, 2008, 2009 and 2010, the cash flows from operating activities reduced by 35.42% to $123.89 million in 2009 and escalated by a massive 154.76% mainly due to increase in liabilities. The cash flows from investing activities were negative in all terce years analyzed however, on that point was an increase of $37.13 million and $5.02 million in 2009 and 2010. Due to heavy repayment of borrowings and purchase of stock in 2010, the financing activities came about again as a negative figure (-$122.046 million) after a meager one in 2008 (-$602,000). b. Time pattern and growth rate of returns As mentioned in the previous part, a yearly time pattern has been considered. The growth rate of return is known as the Sustainable Growth Rate and is computed as follows g = RR (Retention Ratio) * ROE (Return on Equity). As there are no dividend streams being paid by the company, RR will be equal to 100% and as ROE = 22.47% (according to Yahoo Finance, Coinstar Inc.... Form of returns Due to non-availability of Redboxs financial statements, its parent company, Coinstar Inc.s financial data is be ing considered. Examining the years ended December 31, 2008, 2009 and 2010, the cash flows from operating activities reduced by 35.42% to $123.89 million in 2009 and escalated by a massive 154.76% mainly due to increase in liabilities. The cash flows from investing activities were negative in all three years analyzed however, there was an increase of $37.13 million and $5.02 million in 2009 and 2010. Due to heavy repayment of borrowings and purchase of stock in 2010, the financing activities came about again as a negative figure (-$122.046 million) after a meager one in 2008 (-$602,000).b. Time pattern and growth rate of returns As mentioned in the previous part, a yearly time pattern has been considered. The growth rate of return is known as the Sustainable Growth Rate and is computed as follows g = RR (Retention Ratio) * ROE (Return on Equity). As there are no dividend streams being paid by the company, RR will be equal to 100% and as ROE = 22.47% (according to Yahoo Finance, Coin star Inc. Key Financials as of December 31, 2010), the growth rate will also come about to be 22.47%.III. Investment Decision carry out A proportion of Estimated Values and Market PricesTo consider investment decisions in a particular stock, its estimated or fair value and market price comparison should be carried out. This will tell investors whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued.

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Position Paper on Emergency Contraception Research

Position on Emergency Contraception - Research Paper ExampleEmergency birth control device pills should be taken immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse or within a time period of 72 hours. These pills contain both estrogen and progestin. The minipills be birth control pills that tho constitute of progestin (Trussell et al 1997). When started within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, a combination of ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel is at least 75% effective against pregnancy. (Glasier 1997 p.1058). Emergency contraception methods should be made available to women of all ages as it is an effective method of preventing unintended pregnancy. Especially availableness of need contraception to young women of child-bearing ages is important in controlling pregnancy after unprotected sex. The consequences of unintended pregnancy are quite serious and are a cause of over-bearing burdens on the women and their surrounding families. This necessitates the importance and s ignificance of emergency contraception in prevention of unwanted pregnancy. However, it is also crucial that enough data regarding its adverse effects, mode of action, uses and primary purposes should be provided to the general public. Between 1996 and 2002 the percentage of women who had awareness about emergency contraception and the percentage of women who had ever used emergency contraception increased. ... It has been observed that awareness about the emergency contraception is very inadequate amongst the women and such short-comings should be overcome by the health providing centers and professionals. Not only should emergency contraception remain available to women of all childbearing ages, information should be made available to the public to educate all women about the use, purpose, authorization side effects and the availability of emergency contraception. View 1 Pro Emergency Contraception Young women should be educated on all of their options when it comes to contracep tion. They should be aware of emergency contraception methods and complete knowledge about these methods should be made available to them. In certain situations such as rape or birth control failure, knowledge about emergency contraception becomes particularly important in preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. It has been observed through content surveys and health keeping surveys that public knowledge about emergency contraception is quite limited. A random survey of 1000 American women and 1002 men who were 18 years and above was conducted in 1994. It was estimated that Americans were not well informed about the emergency contraception methods. Only 1% had actually used the emergency contraceptive pills and 55% had heard of the pills. It was concluded that the aspects of availability and uses of emergency contraceptive pills should be made clear to the public and enhanced knowledge should be provided. Health care providers could play an important role as the general publ ic relies on them for health information and awareness (Delbanco, Mauldon & Smith 1997). Unintended pregnancies can occur cod to several causes and

Rising gas prices Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rising gas prices - Research Paper Exampleed April 19, 2012 authorize More Gas Price Cuts Likely Soon, gas prices appear to have peaked and are potential to head lower in the feeler weeks, supported by natural gas futures dropping four days in a arrow and a slight decline in pump prices in the past couple of weeks. Overall, the increase in gas prices may decrease consumer spending and gross domestic production but through technology, we may give to substitutes that lessen our gas consumption.The effect of gas prices, from fundamental microeconomic analysis follows assumptions on the demand for gas, both in the short run and in the abundant run. One of the assumptions about the demand for gas is that it may be price elastic in the long run but may be really inelastic in the short run, as people take time to for change their consumption habits (Pindyck and Rubinfeld 2005).When gas prices increase, in the short run, quantity demanded will bloodline only gradually as motorists and drivers may begin to utilise their vehicles less. In addition to this, the demand for gas is very much linked to the usage of cars and transportation, and it is non so easy to simply change from driving your car to work to using a bicycle. This is not to mention that almost all transport vehicles including trains and ships use some form of petroleum and gas, hence either the producer of a good or service or the customer will most likely take in the increase of gas prices. In essence, this leads to either lower production to reduce costs of firms, or lower consumer spending, to save up capital for gas (Pindyck and Rubinfeld 2005).While in the short run, an increase in the price of gasoline has only a small effect in the quantity of gasoline demanded, in the long run, various changes in the transportation may lead to less demand for gas, thus making its demand elastic. Technology in widely distributed may shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles, thus consumer spending comes back to its natural level.Historically, this assumption has been supported by the

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Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy - Essay ExampleIt starts by a guy (Han-Ki) spotting a infantile lady (Sun-Hwa) sited on a bench across the street and decides to sit beside her. His constant glare towards her makes her uncomfortable and she sees it as rude. She moves away from her and runs to greet her boyfriend. The man grabs her and forcefully kisses her, the witnessing soldiers intervene beats up this guy. She demands an apology, but the guy remains adamant. It leads to her spitting on him, introducing the hidden desire for obsession and vengeance in motion. It is revealed later that the impetuous, letup gangster is a pimp. Later, the young girl in the street is implicated in a cash theft which lands her in a brothel. It would be unwise to assume that the theme of Bad Guy is about revenge the plot revolves around the escapades between captor and captive and the director Kim seems not to be arriving at a particular theme. The beguilingly and controversial climax of the film leaves viewers with hard questions to ponder. Therefore, Bad Guy can be termed as an enigmatic piece of cash in ones chips displaying the common issues affecting the society inclusive of race and gender themes. Kim Ki-duk is known as one of the prolific directors in Korea. He is majorly recognized as a remarkable movie producer outside Korea with his movies receiving a number of international awards. For example, the film Samaritan Girl (2004) has gotten him a prestigious international award for best director in the Silver Bear awards. It is fascinating that despite Kim Ki-duks international identification as a leading movie director in Korea, patronise in South Korea his reputation is mixed with many controversies. He has many discontented detractors and a small flock of enthusiastic supporters. He is well reckoned for his aboveboard and painterly images.

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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - MMPI Essay

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - MMPI - Essay ExampleThe MMPI has assessed in a variety of areas, such as Criminal justice and department of corrections evaluation of disorders hiding candidates for high safety positions assess medical patients evaluate participants in substance abuse programs support college students and counseling marriage and family counseling and, screen international adoption parent. The MMPI is not sold and has been replaced by the MMPI-2 (Wikipedia, 2007).Scale 2 falling off, it identifies poor morale, the lack of hope in the future, and general dissatisfaction with ones own life. The high slews are identified as clinical drop-off and the low scores as unhappiness with life.Scale 5Masculinity-Femininity was originally used to detect homosexuals but was not accurate. It is used to measure traditional masculine or feminine roles prior to 1960 and it is related to intelligence, education, and socioeconomic status.Scales 8Schizophrenia assesses b izarre thought processes and crotchety perceptions, social alienation, poor familial relationships, difficulties in concentration and impulse control, lack of deep interests, disturbing questions of self-worth, and sexual difficulties.Hunt (2000) wanted to test that low beseech status or other nutritional deficiencies are associated with symptoms of depression in premenopausal women of child bearing age. The author associated the blood indices of iron status to scores on the MMPI and responses to a mood adjective checklist. This took place during the womens menstrual cycle. There were 365 women who seemed healthy participants from Grand Forks, North Dakota. They found that the frequency of the elevated MMPI Depression scores did not relate to the frequency of low hemoglobin, transferrin saturation, or ferritin. The results did not support the hypothesis of low iron status contributing to symptoms of depression in women.According to Butcher et al. (ND) both the MMPI and

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 96

Assignment ExampleThe wind gust lead be in the excess of one hundred forty mph. The herald also predicts an average snowfall probability forecast of 8 inches. There is also a probability 0f freezing rain reaching a minimum of .25 inch. The National Weather Service uses satellites to forecast the weather by analyzing cloud cover and heat waves to predict the weather. They also use radar to forecast the weather. The use of satellites is an extremely accurate method of analyzing the weather.The weather forecast carried out by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations claims that there will be a colder and wetter than average winter season. Currently a storm is bringing hurricane force winds is being felt in Michigan. These strong winds continue the snow and spread this precipitation all over Plains of Michigan. This is due to La Nina, which is accompanied by water temperatures below normal in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. This plays a major role in the winter weather of this area. A type of forecasting methodology used is Forensic & Historical Meteorology that requires special(prenominal) weather information to forecast the weather. So far, the accuracy of the 2011 winter season has been quite accurate from all sectors.Past forecasts carried out especially for the year 2010-2011 has been actually accurate. This forecast was carried out by the Climate Prediction Center, which is a sub-division of the National Weather Service. My own winter season forecast I predict high gear precipitation of snow and very cold weather. The snow will be at least 8 inches and the temperature about

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European business practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

European business practice - Essay ExampleMoreover, its enlargement throughout the European region has facilitated the regions growth. In this article, functions of the EU will be analyzed so as to comprehend the implications of EU operations to its member states.The European Union is currently the worlds largest food market. This political- sparing union currently boasts of 28 member states, majority of which are European States. Since its establishment after the aftermath of population War II, the union has been successful in its expansion and success in the political and economic scene (Gilbert 2012).The EU is driven to achieve its five briny objectives for the overall benefit of its member state. First, the EU strives to establish freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers among member states, secondly, the EU is determined to promote an internal market where controversy is free and undistorted. Third, the Union strives to promote innovative technologies among me mber states and lastly, the union strives to promote economic, social and territorial cohesion and solidarity among member states (Europa 2014). Since its genesis, the union has significantly achieved its purpose of market integration and cohesion 28 among member states.The genesis of EU dates back from 1945 to 1993. However, its integration had been proposed as early as the 14th century (Artis & Nikson 2007). The Second population War had led to detrimental effects in the economy of European states. Consequentially, 20 million lives were lost during the war in Europe alone. Moreover, the region had incurred numerous capital losses. Inevitably, the political and military reconstruction of World War II facilitated the need for an economic integration (Artis & Nikson 2007). The cold war of 1950 also worsened the economic situation of the region.The dream of an integrated EU was strongly influenced by the historical experiences of its founding fathers (Artis & Nikson 2007). The pionee rs

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Architectural Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Architectural Design - Essay ExampleI visited the best seven-star hotel, and a series of 200 fabricated islands in the shape of the countries of the world, or climb the worlds tallest building that were captivating and had the best machines that could be used by man to satisfy one best lifestyle. Amidst all this modernity, as you head from a swim in the sea or a business meeting to designer boutiques, a round of golf or a top teppanyaki restaurant, the age-old souks still attr piece those who like to haggle. Yet only a few kilometers into the magnificent desert there are still camels roaming lax that have been the ship of the desert. There is a vibrant and cosmopolitan air about Dubai, for instance the way the traditional abrasions boats carry a kaleidoscope of tourists side by side with sari-wrapped Indians and locals sporting spotless dish dash. Outside of Dubai life is more traditional and moves at a slightly slower pace. As you explore the stern beauty of the mountains, or go a bout the UAEs East coast beaches, you will findpeople friendly and willing to chat, even when lacking a common language. A visit to Dubai made me discover the varying culture in the emirates and the rule that abide them all as one family and community. Visitors to Dubai may be in for a bit of a culture shock. As well as meeting residents from every corner of the earth, you will mingle with traditionally urbane Gulf Arabs in their dishdashas and Abayas. There is also the sound of the mosques at prayer time, Arabic chatter in coffee shops, the sweet smell of Arabian nargileh (hubbly bubbly pipes), the beautiful intricate writing. It is all part of everyday Dubai culture. The Dubai people have been very kind since time in memorial. The culture is adorable and by observations, I noted some of the ideas that made me feel impressed Emirati life is very much geared around families, with marriage and children being the bedrock of society. cordial reception plays a key role in Dubai cultu re, especially to strangers or newcomers, although older and more of the traditional Dubai citizens may be more reserved.Do not be surprised if you are invited to join an Emirati family for refreshment, and when carpet or jewellery shopping in particular, your tea will arrive almost before you do.It is polite to look at Dubai tradition like this graciously. This was one good experience that I had not heard or seen off. I found it difficult to cope with the situation as some of the activities had been prohibited such as drinking and smoking that made my life difficult. Islam is inextricably intertwined with the very fabric of UAE society. Muslims see the Quran literally as the reciprocation of God, and it issues very specific moral guidelines, dealing with all issues of daily living. For this reason, the book itself is strongly revered, and must be respectfully treated. Although the most open of Arab societies in its culture, the Muslim tradition in Dubai is no different as it is a way of living. Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims, is marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. As an Islamic country, Dubai culture is no different and many restaurants and cafes close during daylight hours. Non-Muslims should not eat, drink or smoke in public, but do so only in snobbish or at specially closed off hotel restaurants. I found it genuine that the Arabs in United Arabs Emirates found it easy to cope with the life and act as staunch Muslim religion. With abovementioned trends as

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Health Care Issues - Patient Safety Improvement - Lessons learned in Essay

Health Care Issues - Patient Safety Improvement - Lessons learned in the aviation industry - Essay ExampleThen the surgeon, anesthetist and cheer verb bothy confirm the patient identity, surgical site and procedure. They then check on all anticipated critical events, any essential imaging and any antibiotic administration in the last one hour. Before ht patient leaves the operation room the nurse verbally confirms with the team the name of the procedure recorded, that all instruments used are present, any equipment problems, then the surgeon, anesthetist and nurse review recovery and management of the patient.This arrangement is similar to what happens shortly before a flight. The cabin crew identify themselves by name and role in the flight. They identify the route to which they are going. They then give a brief to the passengers about the skim off and what to do and what not to do incase of an emergency. They identify the person to whom the passenger is to contact incase of an e mergency. They passengers are notified on every issue this is important as relates to that flight. At the end of the flight all of the crew confirm that all passengers that boarded the flight arrived and safely. Incase of any problem they notify the relevant authority. The initial choke of identification is similar to what happens at the surgical room. The surgeon and his crew each identify themselves and their roles so that in the event of an emergency there is no admiration as to who is to do what and when. All the briefing given to the passengers is similar to the information the surgeon and his team give. The arrival to the destination, and confirmation of the presence of all passengers safely is to a fault similar to what the surgeon, nurse and anesthetist do when ensuring that they have identified the patient well and all equipment used is present.This kind of approach minimizes mistakes in the surgical room. either one does his or her role when need arises and there is cal mness and control of the situation throughout. The patient is better of in the hands of a well nonionised team

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Developing Protocol and Training for Healthcare Professionals to Essay

Developing Protocol and Training for Healthcare Professionals to improve compliance in uncomplaining treatment plans - Essay ExampleDescriptive Keywords Physician-patient relationship Patient centered care Patient compliance Patient focused approach Step dickens Library Search Library Source 1 ProQuest Medical Library Keywords Patient compliance in health care treatment plans Persistent concern provided in the database http// Title of the article 5 Tips for Generating Patient Satisf carry out Author(s) of the article Pawar, Manoj Date of the article 2005 Citation from the library search Pawar, Manoj (2005). 5 Tips for Generating Patient Satisfaction, Family Practice Management, Vol. 12 Issue 6, pp. 44-46 pardon the resources reliability This is a Family practice management journal published bimonthly by the American Academ y of Family Physicians (AAFP) which is a recognized healthcare organization within the US, with active CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs. Although the author of this article cites only one reference to underpin the facts, but it is based on personal experience and 331 shared references confirm the journals reliability. Paraphrasing your sources ideas As research has shown communication and think plays a major role in patient compliance. There are two roles that the medical supplier plays in a patients healthcare. ... The blood line role is much like the approach of a salesman trying to make the deal. As a healthcare professional gaining your patients trust is the mainstay factor, as it ensures that the patient will be consistent and adhere to treatment plans and follow advice after the real need has been identified and addressed (Manoj Pawar, June 2005). Patients are more than likely to fall in line when the medical provider builds a relationship based on mutual trus t and understanding. A medical provider will gain a patients trust when interest is shown in their goals and values. Become a good listener and refrain from dominating conversations during patients visits. (Manoj Pawar). Direct Quote The doc has to recognize the opportunity for intervention, reframe it in a way that makes it meaningful to the patient, and generate a sufficient sense of urgency to compel the patient to take action, (p.1). Step Three Internet Search Internet Source 1 Which search engine did you use? Your keyword for this search Patient focused approach turn up URL for the location of your source http// Title of the article Patient-Focus Care* Using the Right Tools Author of the article Richard S. Irwin, MD, FCCP and Naomi D. Richardson, MSc, MBA Date of the article July 2006 Explain the resources reliability This article appears reliable as it is from a recognized peer reviewed and prestigious jour nal. This article had 28 references from other prestigious journals and a wide variety of areas in medical research. This is why the reliability is high. Paraphrasing your sources ideas The article by Richard S.

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Affirmative Action Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Affirmative Action - Research Paper ExampleThis would remind everyone of the fact that change has been taking place and it will be more forward and imminent in the future. Taking into account the idea of affirmative put through, there is a strong point to consider that it could be a make up of move up discrimination because for instance, it could limit employers freedom to hire employees on the basis of race and sex (Rabe 113). This point is a bit clearer because affirmative action is historically more associated with the workplace, but its application can span into a larger field (Erasmus and Schenk 105). However, affirmative action does not mean giving preferences to any theme or people but it scarcely ensures giving equal opportunity for everyone, disregarding the issue of sex and race (Shaw and Lee 561). Furthermore, affirmative action only makes sure of active steps for employers to ensure equal employment opportunity for everyone (Dempsey and Forst 188). Original belief So here is one perspective of affirmative action that needs to be critically considered. It is a form of giving equal opportunity for everyone, but on the basis of employment activity, employers always have the filling to select and employ employment criteria for specific jobs or tasks with associated functions and responsibilities. So the original belief of the proponent concerning affirmative action is the thought that it could be a form of reverse discrimination. This is contradictory to what Shaw and Lee pointed out as a corresponding myth associated with affirmative action. Affirmative action would turn out as a way of neutralizing everything, but the point may be a bit more different when applied in specific context. Hiring women for instance on a particular job is definitely covered by affirmative action in order to ensure par. However, one should also test to take a look at it on the context of employers perspective. Employers have also the freedom to select the best empl oyees suit fitting to the continuation of their quality operation. However, some may try to look at this approach as highly discriminatory especially on the part of employers who are employing the working concept of affirmative action. So at this point, a clear policy is necessary, creating a balance within the context of employment. There are some requirements in the company that would require competency, skills and even otherwise related factors and some of them may essentially point out to the concept of discrimination. However, there are certainly companies that would only require men rather than women for the conclusion of ensuring continuation of quality, standard and efficient operation. The problem with employing affirmative action would be to consider these companies for discrimination and even passing on the idea of being able to justify things for the sole purpose of ensuring their profitability. Changed stand Based on the actual observation, policies concerning inequal ity are changing and improving. For this reason, affirmative action is consistently moving forward to its refinement for the purpose of serving everyone with all equality. So at this point, it has become clearer that affirmative actions main intention is to only promote equality for everyone as stated by Shaw and Lee. However, some policies on the other hand may try to reinforce inequality (Shaw and Lee 562). For this reason, affirmative action is essay to make sure everyone is embracing the policies associated with it that would only promote maximum level of equality for all, and this is evident on how it stands for no one but for everybody

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Cultural Background and Its Effect on American Indian Authors Essay

Cultural Background and Its Effect on American Indian Authors - act ExampleAmerican Indian Authors 1. Alexie The American Indian author Alexie Sherman was conceived in a small town, in Wellpinit, Washington. His year of birth was in 1966. He has veritable innumerable awards for his legendary work and printed a miscellany of poems. Alexie has written and critically analyzed the influence of ethnical themes impacts to the society. He profoundly supported the efforts the Indian Americans coif to improve their social status in America. Alexie in one of his poems seriously criticized the racial behavior of the American forks towards the Indian Americans. His perception was that the Mexicans who were from the Indian American ocellus had every right to reside in America. The Americans in the state of Arizona thrived in pushing the Mexicans to migrate from their considered territory. He considers his banishment He considers his together with the other Indian banishment from Arizona to b e racially and politically instigated, since the laws were in support of the racists move. The officials themselves were the ones encouraging racism with the laws they were enacting (McClinton-Temple & Alan, 151). Alexie has diverse views concerning cultural interpretation. In his perceptions, individuals should not negatively view others due to the disabilities resulting from natural causes. In his novel The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian he states the difficulties experienced by physically challenged individuals in adapting to life, and meeting the societal expectations. He views cultural awareness of the society to be unfair in judging the physical disabilities of individuals. The book narrates the theoretical account of Arnold who is ill-treated by others for his physical disabilities which he had, as a result, of the surgery he experienced to get rid of the excess fluid that was in his brain. Secondly, Alexie tells that cultural experience demands that their kin me mbers have the responsibility of rescuing other tribal members from what he considered to be cultural preservation were the only way of ensuring that moral developments did not balk the social set up of the minority communities. He acknowledges that at times cultural perceptions could be dangerous as it may twist to be an resister to ones freedom (McClinton-Temple & Alan, 88). Alexie uses the style of pulp-fiction to illustrate the social issues prevalent in the modern and ancient societies. He depicts the social issues in his book Indian Killer. The book brings kayoed his views on racism when he majors the story around an Indian John Smith adopted by white parents. The book points out the racist nature of the whites towards the Indian culture. The behavior of Johns foster family is a unblemished example of discrimination that characterizes the whites environment. Alexie cultural perception regarding socialisation to other cultures is that it may result to rejection, since the individuals from the natives background will rejects the assimilated person. He believes that materialism in America has been denied to the Native Americans. The American Indians were separated into numerous groups away from the European contact. Alexies Influence into Writing Alexie was influenced by the urge to sell the Indian culture abroad, and also to lay out a perfect example for the young Indian youths. He wanted to teach the whites of the Indian moral and social obligations. He was also motivated by the need to assure answers regarding the cultural percepti

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How americans negotiate and how europeans negotiate Research Paper

How americans negotiate and how europeans negotiate - Research Paper ExampleNegotiations can be also considered from another point of view. There are many opinions concerning the issue how heathen differences influence the process of negotiations. Some scholars state that there are crude rules for behavior during the negotiations, special frames, which dictate how people should act (Foster, 1992). Thus, according to such point of view there are should be no connections between the negotiations and cultural backgrounds as everybody should follow common rules no matter what country he/she whitethorn be from. At the same time other researchers insist on the important role of cultural differences, because in different countries there are different rules of behavior, which influence negotiations. In order to reveal how the cultural peculiarities affect the negotiations, it is ingrained to compare the peculiarities of conducting negotiations in two different countries and investigate th e distinctive features of the both. The cross-cultural studies can help resolve the issue connected with the controversy. In such a way you will be able to see and analyze the nations strong and weak sides and predict negotiations perspectives of this or that side. The main mission of cross-cultural studies lies in the comparison of likenesses and differences of the countries or nations. This research is very useful and can bring beneficial results. By means of cross-cultural studies we can compare and assure different values, patterns, attitudes and methods of the negotiations, which belong to different agri glosss. In order to create the hypothesis that refers to the influences and interferences of negotiations, it is necessary to consider and compare different cross-cultural studies. It is proved that every culture has its own unique method of negotiating. Some use direct or simple method of communication, and others apply typical indirect and complex way. It is important to s ign on into account that every nation is unique and every nation has its own outlook. The same things and concepts can be understood differently by the representatives of different countries and this sentiment should be taken into account. the methods of negotiation vary with culture. Some people may adopt a more direct or simple method of communication, whereas others may adopt a method that is more indirect or complex. Each culture has its own standards, and one behavior that has a certain meaning in a certain culture could be interpreted differently in another (Chang 2006 135). For example, people may address each other differently. To call individual by the family name can be considered rude in such countries as France, Japan, Egypt while in the U.S. and Australia it is pretty acceptable form of communication. One should memorialize that if you are going have to negotiate with a person or a group of people from different states you have to learn about their culture and tradit ions beforehand not to spoil the impression at once. If the impression is spoiled because of cultural differences, the results of negotiations may not be positive and desirable. Every culture has its principles and beliefs and they convey an important role in the process of negotiating. If cultural differences influence or even program the behavioral peculiarities, it is clear that there is a barrier in communication process of people with different cultural backgrounds. There are a number of factors that suffer from communicative difficulties such as attitude,

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Scholarship Essay Essay Example for Free

Scholarship Essay EssayLife as a university student really cost lots of money to well sustain high living fees, books, pocket money and loads more. As the first little girl from a big family consisting three brothers and two sisters, with all of us still study, it is hard for my parents to have a solid economic status. If I was selected to receive this prestigious scholarship by any chance, it would lighten the burdens bear by my parents and perhaps the extra money can be used for my siblings academic purposes. For the time being, I am currently applying to pursue bachelor degree in Science Actuary at University of Curtin, Perth for July 2013s intake. Thus, this scholarship fits my criteria and hopefully it can realize my ambitiousness to be full sponsored for studying overseas. Based on my previous well-rounded records, I am considerably excellence in studies and have good grades for my current academic results. Literally, this scholarship can support my financial backgroun d and would broaden my chance to hold scroll after three years full-time studying Science Actuary at Curtin University.See more how to start a scholarship essayFractions, formulas and numbers conquer a large portion of my pet chapter. I have very strong inclination towards calculation since high school and being an actuary would help me to apply what I have learnt forward into the daily life. So far I have known, industries have an increasing demand each year for the graduates from this discipline and it would be a guarantee distinguish of massive job vacancies for an actuary in the future. Besides, I keen to work on mathematic solutions and deal with critical thinking for hours rather than memorizing facts.Not to mention somewhat it highest-paid-job in Malaysia, this is a bonus as an actuary. Based on my experiences, I can cope well in risky tasks and it is a golden opportunity for me to train myself working under pressure and manage my time wiser. Hopefully, the knowledge that Ive gained throughout the years, qualified me to be a respectable, skill-fully actuary to improve myself crack and for the sake of nation and industry.In order to establish a great-persistent future, I made myself a general framework which include in planning to be among the top, successful graduates from this discipline. Then, I am keen to pursue my study into postgraduate at former university and doing some researches for about two years. By the age of twenty dollar bill seven, I plan to hold a doctoral degree at another prominent university. This shall widen my horizon of thinking and give me plenty of expense experiences.While doing my thesis, I reckon to work with PNB or any others banking companies. It safe time and more profitable to work while accomplishes the thesis, just like cleaning two birds with a stone. Maybe it sounds too ambitious, but we must shot beyond the stars so that when we fall, we fall onto the fluffy clouds.

Renting vs. Buying a Home Essay Example for Free

Renting vs. Buying a Home EssayEveryday somebody is making the decision to move, whether it be across the country or a few blocks a agency. When you make the decision to move the next question that comes up is whether or non you should debase or rent a internal. Careful computeation should be given when making this decision carefully look at your cash in hand and family situation. Buying a domicile should never be done lightly and if buying is too much for your family then perhaps renting is the option that you may want to consider. Take a look at the various options and no matter what you nail down to do, buy or rent, the choice should suit your financial needs, location, your responsibilities, and familys needs. Ask yourself if you digest the money to buy a home or do you simply rent? When buying a home, your mortgage payments stay the aforementioned(prenominal) for the life of the loan. There was a time when you needed to have 20% for the down payment and also have the money for the closing costs, but that isnt the case anymore.There are different types of loans that will enable the average person to only need 3.5% down and 3.5% of the closing costs, the rest will pass judgment into your loan amount. Anything that you do pay towards your new home is tax deductable. Now dont forget to figure in property taxes and insurance, those are the items that keep go up in price as time goes by. The best part about renting a home is that you only need to have the first and last months rent and perhaps a small deposit for keeping a dog or a cat. most rents can go up every class, but the average is 5% every year. A very serious question to consider is whether or not you can live where you want to live and once thats settled, then you might want to consider if you want to stay there. When buying a home you can live anywhere there is a home for sale, the choice is yours. The decision in staying where you buy might be taken out of manpower if you cant sel l right away and most economists will tell you that you should stay in your home at least 7 years in order to benefit from buying.The sameapplies for renting a home, you can live anywhere there is a home or apartment for rent, again the choice is yours. The deal with renting is that you have to stay as long as your lease is in effect, which can usually go from year to year and gives you more flexibility if you want to move. Considering the function that you will need to give towards your residence, careful thought should be given. When you buy a home the responsibility to take the home and fix things that need to be repaired are all yours. You pay to have someone fix your home or do it yourself, either way if it needs to be done you are the one to do it. Having to take responsibility for your own repairs and maintenance is not all bad there is a pride that comes with home ownership.There are certain repairs that are tax deductable and also certain modifyments that are tax deduc table, check with your local IRS office and get down out what you as a home owner can take advantage of. When you rent a home or apartment the repairs are the responsibility of the owner of the property and that isnt you. When you rent if there is something that does need to be repaired, you are at the mercy of the owner to get the repairs done. Sometimes you have to lodge an indefinite amount of time and sometimes they fix things right away, the choice is theirs to make and they may not see a problem as urgent. In addition to responsibility, you really need to consider whether or not your decision makes sense for your family. When buying a home, your investing in the future of your family, everything you do to improve your home increases the value.When buying a home, the home is yours to do with as you like, as long as you follow the codes in your area, you can add a room, frivol away down a wall or paint the house orange, no one can tell you that you what to do. Most children a nd adults thrive in a horse barn environment and owning your home can give that stability. Perhaps your family can get that dog they have all been talking about, install a pool, or constitute trees. The problem can arise with the uncertainty of the unknown, we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, will your job relocate, will you still have a job, and will this new home be all that we hoped it would be buyers remorse can be a very real dilemma. When renting you have freedom, all your time, effort, and money is not put into taking care of the place where you live.Speaking of freedom, renting is the best way to see if an area suits you and your family onwards you make that big commitment to buy. If you are not sure where youwant your family to live for the next few years, then renting can be a way to try out new places and give you a chance to find the place that works for you. There are so many things to consider in the decision to buy or rent a home, as a consumer only you know what is right for you and your family. Studies show that buying a home is the better deal in the long run, but sometimes that may not suit your needs.There are so many pros and cons to either choice, do I want to do repairs, can I do repairs, can I have animals, do I want to stay in the same place for more than 7 years, do I like the area? When I made the decision to buy my own home I had lived in the same area for more than 10 years and I knew that I treasured the freedom of owning, I wanted something that is all my own, but it took some time renting to come to that decision and what is right for me might not be right for someone else. Whatever you decide to do buy or rent, that choice should suit all your needs and the needs of your family.

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To Sin by Silence When They Sould Protest Makes Cowards of Men Essay Example for Free

To Sin by Silence When They Sould Protest Makes Cowards of Men EssayTo sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against prejudice and lying and greed. If state e really(prenominal) over the worldwould do this, it would change the earth said William Faulkner. Being suppressed by an entity powerful then us we lose the endurance to pr strikeice session our tongue and that is the thing what makes us a coward. When an individual refrains from voicing his/her beliefs and constrains a passive observer of endless oppression he/she is as guilty of the shame as the oppressor. Standing your ground for what is right is, thus, our moral obligation and efforts which ar taken in distress ar never gone in vain. Injustices in the world would never be hindered if there was no one to stop them. Take a look around and see innumerous people suffering, somewhat being killed because of sectarian diffe rences, some being crucified like goats because of the greed of power. Thousands have been killed in Quetta, million lives have been shattered and they have been forced to spend their intact lives to shoulder a heavy burden which is not theirs to carry.Acceptance of their misery is perverse when there is a way out. Individuals who are uninvolved witnesses to their heartache are obliged to speak up and help the victims attain their rights. As Shakespeare commented, in the time of crisis, I was not hurt by the harsh words of my enemies, provided by the silence of my friends. (Simple secrets to a positive attitude) . Stepping up for someone is not just supported by the heartwarming words of a thousand minds tho also by the legal system, which tells us that the court trial requires witnesses without which a criminal doesnt get the penalty he/she deserves.Without anyone courageous enough to testify against a crime justice open fire never be rise. The oppressor would continue with th e transgression unhindered. Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and playing accordingly said Gandhi. news report embarks us with a series of intense and astonishing events which enlightens us with what the strength of our voice can achieve if we stand as one. It all started in 1977 when a body of people initiated the demonstrations to overthrow the Pahlavi Dynasty under Shah Mohammad Raza Pahlavi.Tired of watching their rights being snatched out of their hands and their assetsbeing taken outdoor(a) by their hypocrite leader to feed America and United Kingdom whose support he had. The movement turned into a campaign of civil resistance, it step up in 1978 and with their determined leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, they were open to overthrow the existing government in 1979 and Ayatollah Khomeini emerged as a victorious leader. The Shah left Iran in January 1979 and the era of falsehood and injustice dissolved. An entire nation got their fundame ntal rights because the witnesses to the oppression werent apathetic enough to let this injustice prevail.Despite the pernicious circumstances a voice which is raised to predict out for justice has never gone feckless. Justice is a broad and beautiful road. Being scared of the fact that your call for help would never hand the ears of the considerate is just an excuse we use to sneak through the blames for being equally liable for the prevailing injustice around us. It makes us equally responsible for the situation up surging around us and As Leonardo Da Vinci summed it, Nothing strengthens office so Much as silence.Being so threatened by the fear of being suppressed, we ignore how the enemy stumbles each time we raise our voice, drowned in this hopelessness makes us ignore the shaking authority of the enemy. Realizing the strength of your voice is the first step towards justice, no matter if at the end you are bruised you should realize that the enemy is not in its best varian t either and if you can put them in this hideous situation and break their pride, that is nothing short than a victory. No step taken for the right act has ever become a lost cause.The public needs to express the disapproval of the biased policies in order to make way for new concepts and that can only be do by getting on the road of justice, which can never go to waste. The revolutions and protests which were, though, unable to achieve their destined aim were able to smash the authority of enemy into pieces. Many Czechs index recall the events of 1968 with brackishness and as a defeat by the soviet tanks, and the uprisings reformist leader, Alexander Dubcek. But concur by many, it was a political awakening.Standing as one in a wave of protests, that great of global rebellion, the demonstration was a cry for liberty, some(prenominal) raw and sophisticated, by the people against the forces of Moscow. Prague, an activist, reporting on this event stated, a tank was a tank no matter what color it wore and our moment was a color of liberty against whomsoever it pitched itself, communist or capitalist (Prague spring and uprising 1968). Though, many would agree that enduring the pain is the key to immunity. But for how long can you seal your lips when you know you are being wronged?Unlimited patience is not a virtue that most humans can withstand. The anger would wait building inside you until you reach your limit of patience and burst. The feeling of anger and revenge can lead to individual taking innumerous regrettable steps. History sheds light on the French Revolution which is looked at as, by many, an event which was won by the revolution yet the humanity lost at that very instance. It was the bloodiest shift from monarchy to democracy where every leader was beheaded on the guillotine by the poor and oppressed factions of society.Hundreds of innocent men were killed. To prevent such situations from arising people should be basen a chance to express their feelings right from the beginning and planned protests should be carried out to promote amongst the people a sense of freedom of expression. Knowing one has a safety valve to vent the steam a build-up of pressure and a violent outburst is unlikely to occur. Dictatorships where protests are banned are overthrown through revolutions whereas democracies evolve overtime where individuals have freedom of expression and freedom to vote.However there are exceptions to this idea. The Stockholm syndrome highlighted that there are some individuals who cave in affectionate feelings toward their oppressors as a gradual acceptance of their situation settles in. Though this approach ignores the psychological impact these people suffers. Their judgment abilities are affected and they might not even be able to distinguish between what is beneficial for them and what is harmful. They tend to lack confidence in all aspects of life and are forever shy when it comes to expressing themselves.Such peop le can be deteriorated by anyone and will never be able to work out their true rights. They might become less human as our thinking ability is what makes us human in the first place. For instance, we cant conceive the immense psychological breakdown a women of lower class endures in Pakistan. A woman facing constant abuse from her husband would gradually accept it as her fate. As it is hammered in her head that it is her duty, being a woman, to praise that.She would never speak up no matter what is done to disrupt her life and she would even lose the courage to help the victims floating on the same boat as her. Thus confidence and freedom of expression along with awareness is essential in making an individual a positive contributor to the society. It is believed by many that the best defense to oppression is the patience to endure the hardships. No harm would be done and no wars will break out. But what is the worth of this meaningless life when the sole purpose of the life itself i s taken away from you?When even if you are respire there is a little part of you that is dying inside. Each day you get off the bed, you lose the courage and the guts to speak your heart out. put someone right and standing for what you deserve is worth fighting for. Dying is better than living a life miserably. Not standing up for what we sincerely believe in is what makes us a coward and we will always gain from being vocal instead of covering our eyes when injustice and the immoral practices prevail. As Bob Marley said it in his own style , get up stand up, stand up for your right, get up stand up dont give up the fight.